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Pastoral Care Team

Pastoral Care Team

Saint Mark's has a rich tradition of pastoral care that is non-judgmental and deeply personal, delivered by a skilled and committed team. Our mission is to discern and respond actively to a wide variety of individual needs in a respectful and compassionate way.

We provide spiritual support, encouragement, and a listening presence at times of personal and family transitions and celebrations. We prayerfully assist others as they make meaning of life crises, difficulties, loss, and grief.

We are available to provide spiritual companionship to those who may not be able to participate fully in the life of the faith community due to illness or disability. We make visits to homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and long-term care facilities. We offer home communion, community referrals, spiritual assistance, end-of-life care, and funeral planning.

The ministry of Pastoral Care is an expression of our identity as a Christian community. We strive to instill Christ’s spirit of unconditional caring throughout the faith community.

If you would like to know more, or would like to request pastoral care, contact Helen Hansen.