Pure Alaearth
Pure Alaearth
Lionhearted Scholar 2016-2017

I want to thank you for the opportunity to continue my education at Minneapolis Community Technical College. I promise my goal is to pay it forward in the service work that I have found a passion for.

My name is Pure and I am a thirty-four year old African American woman who was born and raised in Minneapolis. I was a late starter to gaining an education because I lacked the confidence to be able to accomplish it. I was a high school drop out because I could never get it. I found myself disassociated with the education system and for many reason, I was told that education only benefited white people. My mother referred to the lack of jobs that were offered to non-white counterparts. For many years I too believed it, due to the lack of minority educators, or education that was prevalent to issues that related to things that effect people of color.

I went back to school to get my GED at the age of nineteen, but I inconsistently attended school because by the age of nineteen I had three children. I had been a long-term relationship which eventually turned into seventeen very long years, but was very critical to my how I got my GED, but to also go to MCTC. I struggle through GED classes and I prayed to the God of my understanding” I said, please God if you give me my GED I promise I will do something that is meaningful to give back and help someone else.” I think God answered my call, but I also found my call based on Resentment. Because I really wanted to go school and get away from being a staying a home, and school took the kids dad away, he eventually gained his Masters this year 2016. It took me eleven years to get my GED.

I worked as a PCA before getting my GED for seven years, and thought I would go to school for health management, one didn’t do well in the classes and as I look back at it now, it was boring and it taught you how to get over on the poor. I flunked out of school and because I did not have enough money to continue it, they asked me to leave. I felt rejected again, and like a failure. This was exactly what many of my family members were waiting on, for me to fail.

I went to MCTC with a friend for their open house and could not believe how diverse it was, but I in the back my head thought” like many said, school just isn’t for you.” I decided to go back and take the test, I scored just high enough to take the foundation classes. I would never forget the two professors who played a key role to my determination that I can and will get this education that is meant for me.

Two teacher first semester Profession Rondi Akins, this very sweet hippie white women, who empowered me to tell my many stories of my past trauma and my experience in and out foster care through a structured writing technics . She told me “your story is soooo amazing but we need to work on the structure of your writing. She was my Biggest fan, and allowed me to find my love in writing, but also to find the potential in myself.

On the other hand professor Jenifer King a black women from Chicago destroyed my ability to look at what I thought “could have been a role model” she was such a mad black women and was really mean towards other Black students. I received a 4.0 in King class and she would not write me a professional reference to become a family advocate much different from PCA, and this job meant a lot to me, but Professor Rondi Akins this sweet hippi wise teacher did and that has been the beginning to all my life long dreams of finding a way to help people who suffer from particularly mental health or substance abuse. I lost so many people to the disease of addiction.

My mother who I talked about early in this writing suffered a horrible and a sad life of mental health, because of the stigma, but also she suffered from substance abuse as a consequence she contracted HIV, passed away when I was sixteen and six months pregnant and she was forty-six years old. I lost close friends to the addiction. I remember in my prayer to God that if he allowed be gain my GED I would consciously and purposely affect the community similar to where I came from.

So my degree is in Addiction Counseling, I have worked as Recovery Coach for three years, two at Resource Recovery Center which is a dual diagnosis faculty which is culturally specific towards minorities, where I am now interning which I am currently in my second internship their doing both. I am currently employed with Minnesota Recovery Center as a Recovery Coach, but I am contracted to work only with Hennepin County Drug Participants. I currently work twenty hours their, thirty-three hours weekly at internship at Resource, three classes, A Lead mentor through Girls In Action for grades 6-8 at Ramsey JR high, AND I have three Teenager who all are in high school.

I have to say that my goal was not to allow my many traumas to be my story, but my ability to overcome adversity to help others to be my success story.

Thank you Lionhearted