Church signage is great, but a real person is better. A smile will open almost any conversation and a Greeter does just that. Pointing someone in the correct direction, or just saying hi! are all extremely important. You might be called to this ministry if you are an extrovert, love meeting new people, have empathy with folks who are new to the Episcopal way; or remember what it was like to walk into a new space and how nice it was to receive a smile – Baptismal Covenant “Proclaim by Word and example!”


Being an usher is awesome. You get to hang out in the Narthex (look it up), walk around during the service, count people, help people, collect money, be a part of the campus safety team and live out your Baptismal Covenant by “seeking and serving Christ in ALL persons!” You might be called to this ministry if you like order, enjoy counting, enjoy physical activity and are the strong silent type.


Parking around our campus is getting more and more difficult, but we have places for every type of vehicle. All kinds of weather – you are on the front line of hospitality, safety and Grace. Newcomers, elders, those with infants; everyone needs your assistance – and not just at C+E. If you enjoy a good puzzle, you are writing your thesis on Tesseract, would prefer to be outside more than inside or you like to wear orange vests this ministry is for you – Baptismal Covenant “Proclaim by Word and example! “


Director of all things Holy and our first line of safety and security. Not a job to be taken by the faint of heart. Mentor and teacher to old and young alike. This Ministry is discerned over time, so watch out where the Holy Spirit might take you


We have adult acolytes and youth acolytes. There are lots of subdivisions in acolyting, but let’s start with a general overview – Revelation 7:9
Acolyte serve the liturgical needs of those worshipping. They lead processions, light candles, help the Deacon proclaim the Gospel and set the table, and generally make everything Holy. Baptismal Covenant – “Continue in the apostles teaching and the breaking of Bread”


Carry the cross in procession



Always 2 by 2, they carry the light of Christ, the fire of the Holy Spirit, lighting The Way…Assisting at the table – handing the elements to the Deacon as the Deacon sets the table, washing the hands of the Presider and sometime “duties as assigned”


Carrying symbols of worship or of the faith community in procession, sometimes flying a kite….Thurifer – smokin’ is ok in church if you are carrying the thurible – incense sets a space and time as Holy


Always to the side of the Thurifer carrying the sweet scented incense for the thurible


All of our youth acolytes mentor each other in learning their tasks, learning the liturgy, keeping wiggles at bay


Reading scripture…. some of the usual rules for public speaking of course apply to lectors: Careful attention to enunciation, pronunciation, vocal quality, microphone use, word pacing (not too fast, not too slow) BUT Public speaking is not the same as public reading. Reading scripture is an art, an art everyone should try – Baptismal Covenant “Proclaim the Good News of God and Christ”


Servants of the altar. EM’s wait patiently during the entire liturgy to bear the cup of salvation to the faithful at communion. Eucharistic Ministry may be for you if you do not mind being upfront and personal, being in a public role and having the patience of Job to await your turn to serve. EM’s sometimes double duty as Acolytes


EV’s do some of the most important and most scripturally based work of all the servants. For those unable to be present at the table for any reason, it is essential for the Body to offer “the Gifts of God for the people of God” and EV’s as part of the Pastoral care team who go out into the world to do just that; bringing communion from that days Eucharist to others. By sending out “food from the table” we are following in the footsteps of the apostles. Baptismal Covenant – “Strive for justice, respecting the dignity of every human being”


“Everyone who asks will receive, everyone who searches will find, and the door will be opened for everyone who knocks” Luke 11:10 NRSV. Similar to a Lector, being an Intercessor is not public speaking, Intercessory prayer is a serious matter. An Intercessor prays out loud on behalf of the faith community; Corporate prayers. They pray for the world, our city, individual needs and concerns. You may be interested in this ministry if you believe that Christ’s love and Grace is for everyone. Baptismal Covenant – “Strive for justice, respecting the dignity of every human being”

For questions concerning liturigical ministries, please contact The Reverend Siri Hauge Hustad.