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Prayer Shawl Ministry
A group of knitters meet and knit shawls for people who are in need of extra prayers. All levels of skill are welcome. The group enjoys conversation and laughter while they knit.

We celebrate our God who knits us into wholeness, who enables us to care for others, who encircles the world in an eternal shawl of love and compassion. We celebrate our God who is Presence, who is Wisdom, who is Mystery that unfolds in the rhythm of K3, P3 knit three, purl three, and asks us to risk seeing new things and to experience the divine in ways that may feel unconventional or unfamiliar.

About 450 shawls, scarves, and hats, have been given to people around the country and to people who live in other countries. These shawls have been given to people who have medical problems, people who are celebrating a birth of a child, recent graduates, and to members of the Cathedral in thanksgiving for their hard work in the spiritual life of our community.

Contact: Marilyn Halker