While vitally important to a healthy organization, your Cathedral Council also recognizes that a true sign of health is that the governance functions of the congregation are essentially ‘invisible.’ We are charged with ensuring the Cathedral community is properly resourced and aligned to share in God’s mission of radical love. To that end, we conduct most of our work quietly and in partnership with the Cathedral clergy and staff, focusing our primary energy around prayer, discernment, organizing, and leading at a very high level.

To accomplish this important work with a comprehensive and dynamic view of our life together, we’ve organized ourselves this way:

  • Officers: Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, and Clerk
  • Committees: Stewardship, Finance, Property, Human Resources, and Governance
  • Commissions: Gather, Transform, Send

You’ll find that our monthly reports (linked below) are submitted with this organization in mind.

Once a month, we gather as a whole Council to share the good work we’re doing and to make important decisions for the life we share at Saint Mark’s. Your Council is committed to ensuring the Cathedral community knows what we’re up to from month to month, so we’re happy to make this information available and to make ourselves available for any questions that may arise. We appreciate your prayers and support!