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Saint Markans Read the Bible!

Saint Markans Read the Bible!

As we balance “prayer, study, and action,” we will read the Bible together, taking it one book at a time!

Each month will offer a facilitated discussion with a Biblical scholar or enthusiast. It will be engaging whether you are reading the Bible for the first time, have engaged in bible study in the past, or have not read the scripture in advance of the gathering. With each book we will explore “What is God doing and what are we being asked to do?

Schedule of Readings


Genesis Chapter 12, Led by John Rettger


Amos, Led by Susan Travis and Michael Summerfield

Using the prophet Amos as a guide, search with us for current prophetic voices as we prepare for the most important day of civic engagement in our democracy – Election Day.


Matthew: The Infancy Narratives, Led by Cynthia Bronson-Sweigert


Matthew: The rest of the story, Led by Cynthia Bronson-Sweigert


1 Corinthians and Romans 5: Characteristics of Faith, Led by Roger Franzen


Lenten Disciplines as derived from Scripture


Jewish Christian Dialogue on Holy Week texts


Acts, Led by Richard Pervo

For more information, contact Susan Travis or Michael Summerfield.