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Senior High

Our overall goal is to build a relationship with God, each other, and our Church. Saint Mark’s wants to empower our Cathedral youth to live their Baptismal Covenants in their daily lives—be the current and future leaders in the Episcopal Church!

Saint Mark’s offers a one year Confirmation program for those students that are in 9th grade or above and have not yet been confirmed.

Meets Sunday 9:15 - 10:15 in the Youth Office. This Sunday morning group is for youth of 9th -12th grade, it will challenge them to discern and develop their spiritual faith and beliefs.

The Junior and Senior High Youth Groups have opportunity to participate in Mission Trips.

This is an opportunity for Senior High teenagers to develop Christian leadership skills to welcome and include outsiders, put faith into action, learn to really listen, reach out to those in trouble, build healthy relationships, and know when and where to ask for help.

St Mark's youth love their lock-ins! Youth Ministry is 100% relational and 90% of it doesn't happen on Sunday mornings. One way we encourage relationships with each other and the cathedral is through our popular lock-ins.

A record number of St. Mark's teens engaged in TEC in 2013 and many are returning in leadership positions this fall and spring.

When you purchase items from Smile.Amazon.com, a portion of your purchase will be donated to our youth and their 2017 Pilgrimage to Ireland.