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Get Involved in Liturgy

“Liturgy” comes from a word meaning “work of the people.” You will quickly discover at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral that our Liturgy is truly the work of our people. From the preparation of the worship space before the candles are lighted to the carrying forth of communion to the homebound after the dismissal, our liturgy is a tapestry of service offered by our members. Young or old, you will find a place in our worship.

Altar Guild is a ministry of Saint Markans who care for the altars and sanctuary of the Cathedral and prepare for the many liturgies that take place at the Cathedral.

Intercessors lead the prayers during the Sunday service on a rotational basis.

Acolyting is a ministry of service. Acolytes help the clergy and the congregation alike in their experience with liturgy. Adults and youth second grade and up are welcome to participate.

Eucharistic Ministers assist during the worship service in the distribution of the Eucharist as chalice bearers.

Lectors read passages from Scripture during the service. Lectors serve on monthly teams twice a year.

Ushers greet people as they arrive for a service, provide service sheets, answer questions, and give directions to newcomers and visitors.

Eucharistic Visitors serve God and their brothers and sisters in Christ by sharing the consecrated elements (wine and wafers) from Celebration of the Holy Eucharist with members of the faith community who are unable to attend worship services.