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Brittany Christian, Nursery Lead

Ivan DeLeon, Sexton

Jose Garcia, Sexton

Laura Hagen, Sexton

Charley Harris, Sexton

The Rev. Siri Hauge Hustad, Part-time Associate for Liturgical Coordination

Cirilo Hernandez, Sexton

Ray Johnston, Canon Musician

Monica Kruger, Godly Play Coordinator

The Very Rev. Paul J. Lebens-Englund, Dean

Cody Maynus, Community Engagement Coordinator

Mary Lusk, Canon for Program Coordination

Stacey Olson, Youth Minister

The Rev. Anna Ostenso Moore, Part-time Associate for Family Ministries

Benino Regino, Young Adult Coordinator

Mike Thillen, Head Sexton

Carrie Thomas, Office & Dean's Assistant