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Nurturing Spiritual Life at Saint Mark’s

Nurturing Spiritual Life at Saint Mark’s

We are attentive to the Spiritual Life of Saint Mark’s. We are a resource for spiritual opportunities within and beyond our community.

A Prayer for Leadership

Give us, O God,

leaders whose hearts are large enough

to match the breadth of our own souls

and give us souls strong enough
to follow leaders of vision and wisdom.

In seeking a leader, let us seek

more than development of ourselves—
though development we hope for,

more than security for our own land—
though security we need,

more than satisfaction for our wants—
though many things we desire.
Give us the hearts to choose the leader

who will work with other leaders

to bring safety
to the whole world….

Sister Joan Chittister

Lord, help us to be who you would have us be, in order that we might do what you would have us do.

Grant, O God, that your holy and life-giving Spirit may so move every human heart and especially the hearts of the people of this land, that barriers which divide us may crumble, suspicions disappear, and hatreds cease; that our divisions being healed, we may live in justice and peace...

The Book of Common Prayer, 1979 copyright the Episcopal Church

Weekly Meditations

Each Wednesday morning we provide a meditation on the website and by email. View past meditations and sign up to receive your weekly meditation by email.

Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Exercise

Try this simple spiritual exercise by Bishop Marianne Budde

Invitation to Contemplative Prayer

There are healthy ways to slow down, to center ourselves, “be still” and “know God.” There are simple ways to listen to what God may be trying to say to us at the deepest level of our being.

Every Thursday morning at 8:00 am in the beautiful All Saints’ Chapel on the ground floor of Saint Mark's Cathedral, a small group gathers for contemplative prayer. We have a short inspirational reading and 20 minutes of silent meditation. It's very plain and simple, but it helps to open us to the extravagant love and energy that God is waiting to give us. It helps us find the "peace and quiet" that centers us for the rest of the week.

We invite you to join us. Try it several weeks in a row and see for yourself. There is no cost. Your only investment is your time.

Many may remember the parable... ascribed to the Desert Fathers and Mothers by some, but perhaps from the modern pen of Anthony de Mello.

"Sometimes there would be a rush of noisy visitors" the parable begins, "and the Silence of the monastery would be shattered.
This would upset the Monks... but not the master,
who seemed just as content with the noise as with the silence.

To those protesting he said one day,
'Silence is not the absence of sound... but the absence of self.'

Thin Places June 2015

I will take the night shift of your prayer. I will keep watch while you sleep. I will be the light glowing in your darkness, the quiet harbor of your dreams. Be at peace. Be not afraid. All will be well. Though we pass this night in mystery, uncertain to know the last soliloquy of our lives, what we do know beyond all doubt, is that we will face the dawn together. Rest now. I have the night shift of your prayer.

Bishop Steve Charleston, HOPE AS OLD AS FIRE, May 24

A Prayer for the Church

by Bishop Steve Charleston

God bless the church: our traveling tribe, our motley crew, caravan of the conflicted and courageous, stumbling toward paradise, the hurt and the hopeful, wounded healers, singing along the way.

Life within her tents is never easy, but life without her would be darkness beyond our imagining.

Bless the church, dear God, your quarreling brood, your stubborn flock, your love living for love, your dream of what might be.

Bishop Steve Charleston

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