Christian Marriage and Blessings

Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral welcomes couples seeking a Christian wedding or blessing. This covenant of commitment between two people and God is a sacramental rite of the Episcopal Church and is an occasion that celebrates two people with all in attendance joyously participating in prayers, hymns and thanksgiving to God.

Saint Mark’s offers this rite and its sacred space to Cathedral members, their children, those who call Saint Mark’s their spiritual home, as well as those who are members of the Episcopal Church of Minnesota.

The Episcopal Church requires that at least one of the couple be a baptized Christian and that two witnesses attest to the marriage or blessing ceremony. Premarital counseling is also required by the canons of the church. In addition to clergy approval, Saint Mark’s requires the ceremony date be scheduled at least six months in advance.

For further information please read Guidelines to Weddings & Blessings at Saint Mark’s.

Please submit a Wedding/Blessing Information Form here if you would like to further explore having your ceremony at Saint Mark’s.