Fall Adult Formation on Wednesday Nights

The Episcopal Church is a Jesus movement. We don’t exist just for the benefit of our members but for everyone. We work for the rule of God that Jesus preached: a time of justice, peace, generosity, and wholeness. As God’s people we are called to make that rule present. But what does that mean for us as individuals and as a community?

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Our Schedule

October 7 Place—Katie Ernst

October 14 Practice—Cody Maynus

October 21 Conversation with the Dean

October 28 Mark as Gospel—Jay Phelan/Gina Christ

November 4 Jesus in Mark—Jay Phelan/Sarah Hock

November 11 Discipleship in Mark—Jay Phelan/Jan Bros

November 18 The Passion in Mark—Jay Phelan/TBD


As has been our custom the forums will continue to provide an opportunity for conversations with the Dean. The big difference this fall will be that the adult forums will be held on Wednesday evenings. We hope you will join us via Zoom for each of these sessions. The presenters will provide questions for discussion and recommendations for further study and reflection. The evenings will follow this pattern.


6:00-6:30 Gathering and conversation

6:30-6:35 Greeting and prayer

6:35-6:55 Presentation

6:55-7:15 Small Group Conversation

7:15-7:20 Brief reflections

7:20-7:30 Compline



In the first fall forum sessions that began on September 23rd we will explore four key questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the Jesus movement? Here we focus on what the Rule (Kingdom) of God is and what our role is in making it present. Our text will be Luke 4:16-30.
  2. How does the Rule of God impact the person? For Paul –  the follower of Jesus becomes part of a new creation and Christ’s ambassadors. 2 Corinthians 5:17-21.
  3. How does the Rule of God impact a place—a community, be it local or global. Colossians 1:13-20.
  4. What are the practices that shape individuals and communities in a Jesus movement? How do individuals and communities follow Jesus as Lord? James 2:1-13.

In the second fall forum sessions we will focus on the New Testament Gospel of Mark. We will read  this book together on Sunday mornings over the coming year. Study of the Gospel of Mark will deepen our understanding of the teaching of Jesus and the movement he began. There will be four sessions.

  1. Mark as Gospel: what does it mean for Mark to be a How does this help us understand its meaning and purpose?
  2. Jesus in Mark: Jesus is the key character in the gospel. How does the gospel depict him? What does it want us to understand about him?
  3. Discipleship in Mark: Jesus calls and teaches his disciples throughout his gospel. Who are they? What are they, and we, called to?
  4. The Passion in Mark: Jesus suffering and death cast a shadow across the entire book. How does Mark understand the purpose of Jesus passion? What is the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection?