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Wells Foundation
The Wells Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports fundamental societal change through innovative and entrepreneurial action.

The foundation traces its roots back to the late 19th century when a group of people attending Saint Mark’s began to help immigrant families. This effort eventually led to the establishment and construction of a settlement house that offered a large number of programs to help people who were new to the country.

While retaining a historical connection and strong affiliation with Saint Mark’s the Wells Foundation is a separate philanthropic organization. The Board of Directors actively collaborates to adapt the Foundation's mission to current social issues and trends. In recent years the emphasis has been on assisting the homeless population: youth, veterans and adults.

Funding is available through both grants and loans. Applications for grants are accepted every Fall. Visit our newly re-designed website for further information about

The Wells Board solicits and responds to grants from community organizations. Contact the President of the Wells Foundation.