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Saint Mark's library offers an extensive collection of religious and theological books, as well as books on history, science, social issues, art, and a children's collection.

A selection of reference materials, including Bible commentaries and historical, ecumenical, and interfaith texts, is available as well.

All are welcome to enjoy the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere of the Library. In addition to the variety of materials available, its fireplace, chairs, and couch make it a cozy and welcoming place for study or quiet reading during the week.


All materials (save reference materials, which must stay in the Library) are checked out for four weeks at a time, and renewed if that is not long enough.


Saint Mark's Library is open whenever the Cathedral is open, generally 9am - 4pm on weekdays.


The library is operated by a team of volunteers. Team members assist with processing book check-outs and reshelving books, adding new books to the collection, repairing damaged books, and creating monthly book displays. If you love books and would like to contribute to this ministry, contact the church librarian (see below). The Library Team would love to have you.


Donations of used books is not being encouraged at this time. We have limited storage and are in the process of updating our collection with more current materials. If you are interested in helping us update our collection please email Sarah Hoch and we will provide you with a list of books that we are eager to have in our collection. We appreciate your consideration in this matter.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or general comments, please contact the church librarian.

Contact: Sarah Hoch, Library Committee