The Longest Night Service, Dec. 21


Thursday, December 21 | 2 p.m.

Every Advent is different. Some are memorable because of the plans we made. Some are memorable because of the people who surrounded us. Some are memorable because of the music, performances, and social gatherings we attended. 

And then there are the Advents that are painful. These are Advents where something or someone is missing. There are Advents marred by family or personal trauma. There are losses of livelihoods, family, security, trust, and maybe even faith. We may be wrestling with the pain of injustice, violence, and oppression. We mourn what was normal and predictable. Our beloved traditions may be askew. Advent may seem somber despite the promise of hope.

The Longest Night service is an offering for all of us. During this service, we invite you to bring your losses and grief to a place where they may be held gently and sacredly. During this service, we honor our sufferings and enfold them in the promise of the Incarnation. 

When the Longest Night, the Winter Solstice passes, we move into a season of greater and greater light and the joy of Christmas. This will be a service of scripture, prayers, sharing of the Eucharist, and maybe some music. 

Based on your requests, we will have a candle-lighting ritual in recognition of the losses and griefs on our hearts. We invite you to confidentially share the losses you would like acknowledged during the candle lighting. These may include names of people lost, griefs, or other kinds of losses. 

Email Reverend Siri or leave a message on our Pastoral Care voicemail at 612-400-1217.

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