The unique purpose and work of a congregation is to gather those called by God into Christ’s body, the Church, a community of transformation of mind, heart and action, and to SEND these same into the world to be and to act as God’s loving and transforming presence.


At Saint Mark’s, we offer many opportunities to engage in charity, service, advocacy and justice. With increasing awareness of the major social issues of our time, growing numbers of Saint Markans seek purposeful, meaningful and transformative ways to engage as people of faith and active citizens, where they live and work, and in our cathedral neighborhood and Twin Cities.


We continue to move away from an outreach ministry model, towards an active model of community engagement, based in partnerships and in relationship with those we seek to serve. We continue to equip Saint Markans for the work God has called us to, as individuals, as a congregation, and as a cathedral. Resourcing and ‘right-sizing’ the work to pace with growing ‘demand’ has been a gift and a challenge, especially during the pandemic. Discernment continues around balancing healthy and sustainable commitments for the good of the community with the need to expand and equip lay leadership and grow our volunteer capacity. Support for the Wells Foundation and its work continues with congregational support through Saint Mark’s community engagement.


Learn about our future plans for Community Engagement here


Are you looking to find a community organization already doing good work and want to join in? Saint Mark’s is in partnership with many local non-profits. We support these organizations in several ways, depending upon the partnership.



Do you desire to help tackle major social issues by joining in movements with other members of the larger community? Want to find like-minded Saint Markans working with faith-based organizing partners to advocate for change and shape public policy?


Wells Foundation

The Wells Foundation’s mission is to drive entrepreneurial social innovation resulting in lasting change in our community.

The Wells Foundation has been committed to making a difference in the community since its founding in the late 1880’s as a settlement house. In the last ten years, our main focus has been homelessness, particularly among youth and veterans. Our grants to nonprofits are targeted to help clients remove barriers to self-sufficiency in many ways.


A few resources to begin a deeper dive into our missional theology.



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