Learning and Living Our Faith.

9:15 am in the Community Room.

This Sunday morning tract of formation classes is prepared as opportunities to deepen our faith, expand our understanding, and enrich our practices as we go deeper in our spiritual lives. The classes will balance Biblical and theological reflections with practical reflections. The teaching and learning approach is interactive and encourages the building of relationships along with the growth of knowledge and faithful practice.

Episcopal 101

9:15 am in the Library

The foundational teachings for our life within Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, there are six classes in this series. These classes are especially important for anyone new to the Episcopal church or new to St. Mark’s, and are available for everyone no matter the amount of time in the Episcopal church. Taught in a small group format, there will be ample opportunity for connecting and discussing matters of faith. Throughout the weeks, there will be a number of specialists to talk about their particular focus.

Resources guiding this series include “A People called Episcopalians”, “The Book of Common Prayer”, “Walk in Love”, and various books by Joan Chittister focusing on the Benedictine model of a Rule of Life.


Just as “pray, study, serve” is part of our daily routine, so is “3rd Sunday Conversations.” Quite obviously, it is held on the 3rd Sunday of every month, at 9:15 a.m., led by Dean Paul Lebens-Englund and other leaders, clergy and lay. To stay in touch with what is happening at St Mark’s, the Episcopal Church of MN, the Episcopal Church of U.S., and the Anglican Communion, come join these monthly conversations.

Wednesday Evening Round Table – Making Connections within a Small Group

The Round Table is a three part series of Wednesday evenings, held three times a year. Participants build community around a shared meal and theological conversation. It’s a great opportunity for those who wish to explore and deepen their faith and strengthen their community connections. During the year, Round Table is offered in three segments, with each segment on three consecutive Wednesdays and as the group around the table is the same for the 3 weeks, the preference is to attend all 3 weeks. Registration is available about 4 weeks before the program begins.


Fall Round Table 2019–Expectation & Hope

Wednesdays, October 23rd, 30th &
November 6th @ 6 pm

Register here

Recommended Books

  • *A People Called Episcopalians: A Brief Introduction to Our Way of life; John Westerhoff with Sharon Ely Pearson
  • *Walk in Love: Episcopal Beliefs & Practices; Scott Gunn & Melody Wilson Shobe
  • *Always We Begin Again: The Benedictine Way of Living; John McQuiston II
  • A Little Rule for Beginners: Insights into Benedictine Spirituality; Joan Chittister
  • The Rule of Benedict; Joan Chittister
  • Seeking God: The Way of St. Benedict; Esther de Waal
  • Dwelling in the Word: A pocket handbook; Pat Taylor Ellison

*As many of us prioritize our purchases, these three are highly recommended!

For questions concerning our adult ministry, please contact Mary Lusk.


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