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Our mission is to share sacred music in a sacred space with all. Cathedrals throughout the ages have been places of beauty, architectural excellence, art and music.

Hosted by ECMN Haiti Mission Opportunity team and ECMN Children’s Faith Formation team.

We remember author and theologian Marcus Borg.
Godly Play welcomes children from preschool through 5th grade at 9:15 a.m Sundays in the Education Wing.
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Saint Marks’s Art Gallery presents Monica Buller Cabral’s Minstrone
Downloadable Guidelines. Working together, we will keep Saint Mark's uniquely beautiful and historic property in good repair and welcoming to all.
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Upcoming Events
Feb 1, 9:15 am
Book of Common Prayer: Since 1549. Really?

Feb 1, 9:15 am
Using Gospel Based Discipleship to “encounter” the Gospel reading, we will share what moves us, inspires us or challenges us to live the Gospel.

Feb 1, 9:15 am
Joining Gods Mission and ECMN Mission Opportunity 2015

Feb 4, 6 pm
Please join us in the Fontaine Auditorium for a screening of the movie “Amistad” followed by discussion of the moral, legal, and political issues raised by the movie in regard to the slave trade.

Feb 9, 7 pm
Come in from the cold this fall and winter to read and discuss classic poetry and sermons.

Feb 14, 10 am
The Meaning of Jesus, by Marcus Borg and N. T. Wright

Feb 15, 12 pm
If you are new or not so new to Saint Mark’s, or want to discover more about our faith community, please join us for a light lunch and conversation.