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Intersections: This year’s Pride events will focus on members of the Twin Cities community who participate in or serve LGBTQ communities, communities of color, and/or a variety of faith convictions and experiences.

Your Episcopal Commons Steering Team is grateful for this opportunity to update you on the real estate development project known as ‘The Episcopal Commons.’

Local events of interest to Saint Markans. Bee-keeping, Working to end Homelessness, Fighting Racism, Art and more!
The Stewardship Committee in partnership with Property and Finance is in need of a person or person(s) to manage this season's special events parking lot activity.
Save the date! On Saturday, May 14 all volunteers involved with the preparation and service of Sunday Night Suppers are invited to a potluck picnic.
On Mother's Day we also celebrate our monthly dinner with neighborhood friends. Please join us at 4:30 to help with this important work.
The Worst Princess: A delightful new book for children of all ages helps us to remember the value of laughter.
Sunday Night Supper has a couple of special jobs needing helpers.
Collection of informational articles about Saint Mark’s.
Paul would like to offer some casual time to meet parishioners to get to know folks more personally and learn about their hopes for Saint Mark’s. Sign up online.
Upcoming Events
May 8, 9:15 am
The Episcopal Pathos — Why we do what we do. Led by Dean Paul Lebens-Englund.

May 15, 9:15 am
Rule of Life — A Rhythm for the Good Life. Led by Dean Paul Lebens-Englund.
May 15, 12 pm
Professor Debra Swackhamer: “Land of 10,000 Lakes: Can Minnesota Achieve Water Sustainability?”
May 15, 12 pm
Cake and celebration: meet and greet our new members.